ANTH 478(3) (Jan-April, 2018)-Course Description

Introduction to ethnographic digital video production, including methods of ethnographic fieldwork, creation of field notes, and research design; basics of digital video planning, production and editing. Additional Video Production Fees (VPF) are occasionally charged for this course (check current listing). The VPF covers such costs as maintenance and rental of equipment, video supplies over and above the resources normally supplied by UBC. ANTH 378 is recommended, but not required, as background.

Students will be introduced to basic techniques of video production and digital editing. Please note that we cannot attempt to provide qualified instruction in professional video-making or cinematic technique; and we are narrowly constrained by the limited equipment and technical support available in the Ethnographic Film Unit. The visual project is rather intended to give practical experience of general techniques of visual communication that should critically inform your understanding of more theoretical topics dealt with in the course. Our objective is to learn about issues of visual representation in anthropology rather than to become proficient film-makers!

Notwithstanding the limitations noted above the primary learning process will be hands-on explorations of anthropological video methods and techniques. The primary product produced by students will be a short ethnographic film.

Course Instructor

Charles Menzies, Director EFU

Charles Menzies image Charles Menzies is a Professor in the Department of Anthropology and the Director of the Ethnographic Film Unit at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC. His primary research interests are natural resource management (primarily fisheries related), political economy, contemporary First Nations' issues, and maritime anthropology. He has conducted field research in north coastal British Columbia (Canada), Brittany (France), and Donegal (Ireland).

















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