The View from Gitxaała (16 mins, 2003)
Returning to Gitxaała (16 mins, 2005)

The films won an award at the 2005 American Anthropological Association Film Festival, held in Washington DC.

In the past, outside scholars and government officials have exploited First Nations communities for their stories, cultural artifacts and expert knowledge of the local resources.

The Forest for the Future team is determined to change that legacy. These two documentaries tell about the collaborative research project between University of British Columbia anthropologists and the Gitxaała Nation-- the indigenous inhabitants of the coastal archipelago that stretches more than 100 miles south from the mouth of British Columbia's northern Skeena River.

The videos outline the rationale and process of this research process that recognises and respects Tsimshian protocols. They provide insight into the feelings and perspectives of both the academics and community members.

These videos were filmed in collaboration with the University of British Columbia anthropology team and with the Gitxaała Nation

These videos are suitable for classes in:

• Anthropology
• Visual anthropology
• Documentary ethics
• First Nations Studies
• Research Ethics

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