Oona River: between forest and sea

(26 mins, 2003)

Tucked away on BC's rugged North coast, 20 miles south of Prince Rupert, lives one of the last homesteading communities. Meet three generations of Oona River residents, who use their skills, adaptability and practical environmentalist approach to live richly and harmoniously in a land with no grocery store, no restaurant and no road to the mainland. Their biggest challenge for survival is not the long winters or the bears, but the provincial government's capital-intensive policy decisions on logging and fishing that may just regulate Oona River out of existence.

The video introduces viewers to Oona River residents, local history, and the economic and ecological foundations of the community.

The video is suitable for classes in:

• Resource management
• Canadian history
• British Columbia history
• Community economic development

The video is accompanied by a curriculum kit that meets the Learning Outcomes of the BC highschool curriculum. The package is available for free download on www.ecoknow.ca and is designed for turn-key incorporation into the classroom.

Oona River was screened at The Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival, Toronto 2004.

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