Weather the Storm: the fight to stay local

(35 minutes,2008)
English & French

In today's global economy, the world's ocean resources are being hit hard. Enormous industrial floating factories follow the fish wherever they are abundant, and move on when they have plundered the fish stocks. In the process, they squeeze the life out of small and local fishing communities.

The fishing communities on France's Western coast are determined to fight back. These small town fishermen have launched a sophisticated and multi-faceted strategy to stay small and successful in the face of global competition. Although the battle to save the oceans is often publicly waged between environmentalists and corporations, this film gives voice to an important group who just may have the solutions we need: the small-scale artisanal fishers.

French premiere Lorient Martime Film Festival. Canadian premiere, UBC's 2nd Annual Anthropology Film Festival.

News coverage. Documenting the filmmakers in Le Marin, the leading French marine policy and issues newspaper (see here). April 28, 2008 article in Ouest France discussing the response to the film by local fishermen in Le Guilvinec (see here).

This video is useful for classes in: French History, Resource Management, and Political Economics

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