Video Projects

Participatory Video:

based in an Indigenosu intelectual tradition is the primary focus of our film production. Since 2001 we have worked with local communities, primairly on BC's north coast but also in France and Ireland, to produce documentary films that resonate with local communites first, academic audiences second. A selection of these films can be viewed on our Viemo page.

ANTH 478 - Student Project Films.

In each session of ANTH 478 (ethnographic film methods) students work in collaborative prodcution teams to create a short documentary. The course is only offered every 2 to 4 years.
















Current Projects

Basketball Warriors - stories of aboriginal basketball on Canada's west coast.

Basketball is a big thing in most coastal aboriginal vilages in British Columbia and Alaska. Every community has at least one gym where you can hear the sounds of the ball bouncing, kids shouting and screaming, and the swish of the ball through the hoop. This film tells the story of basketball players from Gitxaala Nation, the importance of the game, it's history on the north caost, and tales of big games past and present at the BC All Native Basketball Tournament held each year for more than 50 years in Prince Rueprt, BC.

Small Nets in a Sea of Change: Family Fishing in Donegal, Ireland

Working in collaboration with local small-scale salmon and lobster fishermen in the north west of Ireland this film documents the vitality and history of local fisheries.

Bax Laansk: a film about Gitxaała.

Bax laansk, roughly translated, is the ability to do together what cannot be done alone.   Bax Laansk tells the contemporary story of Gitxaała people   finding strength and wealth in the face of the impacts of colonialism and expropriation of their territory.   The film was screened in Gitxaała in May, 2009, during the 2009 CASCA conference at UBC, in Philidelphia as part   of the American Anthropological Association meetings, December, 2009, and as part of the   Tofino Indigenous   Film Festival, May 2010.
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